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Framing Guide

Our frames are purpose made in-house to work great with our photo maps, however we know sometimes you might want a very specific style or color of frame. So we sell all of our photo maps with or without the frame. This guide will help you if you wish to find a frame on your own.

Width and Height

Our photo maps are 35-7/8" wide and 23-7/8" tall. This size is commonly referred to as 24x36 and is a standard frame size available at most places that sell frames. The dimensions are 1/8" smaller than 24" and 36" to ensure it can fit inside frames that have inner dimensions of exactly 36" and 24". Most frame moulding overhangs the side by 1/8" - 1/2" so there will not be any visible gap once framed.

Our photo maps are 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide.



One unique aspect of our photo maps is the 3-layers of mat boards which are 3/16" thick. Before purchasing a frame ensure that it can accomodate artwork of this thickness.

Our photo maps are 3/16" thick.


    Most people plan to add photos as they travel over time. This means you'll be opening and closing the frame many times as you add photos. You'll want to ensure the frame you choose has hardware which allows you to remove the back of the frame and will not break over time with repeated openings. There are many different types of hardware on frames, but generally speaking you'll want to avoid anything that must be bent in order to open it.

    Hardware which turns normally lasts longer than hardware which bends.

    Our Frames

    If you have trouble finding a frame that works with your photo map, we sell our frames without the map. Just see the Frames and Replacements section of our shop.